Rafidah declines 1MDB invitation

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Nadhirah Sofea
Written by Nadhirah Sofea

KUALA LUMPUR – April 26, 2018: Since recent times, former federal minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has been vehemently tearing into 1Malaysia Development Berhad but despite now having the opportunity to listen to the company’s explanation at town hall sessions open to everyone, she has flatly and curtly rejected it.

Her retort when contacted by The Mole today: “I don’t want to waste my time. I can read about 1MDB!”

Because the sessions are open to the public, no one needs an invitation to attend but despite this, the company’s Chief Executive Arul Kanda Kandasamy, during a recent interview with a Singapore news organisation, politely invited Rafidah.

When informed of Rafidah’s response, Arul, who has been explaining his side of the story at these sessions at several places in the country, did not seem surprised or upset.

“There’s no point talking about this. She responded like that and I responded like this. There is no point talking about responding to one another.

“I have always been open, transparent and accessible on all 1MDB matters – from doing open tenders to giving honest answers during Q&A sessions and have been readily available to engage with all stakeholders, including the media and public,’ stated Arul.

“I would humbly request that she attend one of the sessions we are holding so we can all benefit from an open and mature exchange of views.”

Rafidah is known to love holding court, talking in rapid-fire fashion and hardly giving space for those facing her to check her. Those overawed by her presence simply keep mum but maybe, just maybe, she knows that someone so calm and composed like Arul is not easily ruffled and may even turn the tables on her.

Since assuming the post in January 2015, Arul has been on rationalisation plan beginning 2016 to monetise the company’s assets and reduce its debts from RM50 billion to RM31 billion.



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