Questions about donation campaign for Guan Eng

KUALA LUMPUR – July 1, 2016: Penang DAP’s appeal for donation which entails solidarity with the state Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is being questioned by many in cyberspace.

Lim, who is also the Bagan parliamentarian, was charged with abuse of power and corruption at in the High Court in Penang yesterday, with bail set at RM1 million on one surety.

Penang DAP has then urged members of the public to donate RM10 each as a support to Lim, after the party depleted all its liquid funds for the chief minister’s bail.

The party’s press statement addressing the appeal for donation was further posted on a Facebook page dedicated to DAP state exco member Phee Boon Poh.

“DAP Penang has received many requests from the public who wish to contribute to the bail amount. For all Malaysians who wish to help and stand in solidarity with Guan Eng, we encourage you to donate RM10,” it reads.

Facebook users who are against Lim have questioned the move, as it was deemed as confounding and burdening the people.

Anonymous political commentator Lim Sian See shared a thought and wrote, “The bail is refundable as long as Guan Eng does not run away where it is forfeited.

“So, why is DAP collecting donations from public? Its rich exco members had already posted the bail. Is someone planning to run away and the bail will be forfeited?

“What will happen to the donations collected once the bail has been refunded or released back?

“Guan Eng himself is not a poor person and lives in a big bungalow in a prime area. He has assets worth millions. Why press the supporters for bail that is refundable?” Lim wrote.

Sharvind Varma queried, “What’s the purpose of the donation? I’m not against the donation. But where will our money be channelled to?

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s to fund the bail. But the bail is just a security and refundable. Solidarity doesn’t necessarily need to be in monetary terms,” he added.

Farouk Khan commented, “He is being charged for corrupt practises, so obviously, he doesn’t need money.

“The fact that he bought a bungalow way below market price from business associates will be lost in translation for the RM10 alleged ‘Do Gooder’ donors. I think it’s yet another scam,” Farouk added.

“The bail is REFUNDABLE. Why should the people help pay the bail for a leader who has a lot of assets?” Apis Ramli wrote.

Kaka Bahtiar further chided, “So, why need to ask for donation if a bail is refundable?

“I can’t help but to notice that an online news portal akin to DAP reported that the party needs money and urges its member to contribute RM10, without ever mentioning that bail money is refundable,” he wrote.

Tariq Ismail commented, “Wait a minute, didn’t DAP say political funds from the party should not be used for personal or something along those lines?

“I thought they don’t want to burden the people, they are against any form of political donation, and they keep on asking someone to go on holiday as to wait for the investigation. If all points are correct, they are practicing hypocrisy to the highest level,” Tariq wrote.

Meanwhile, many DAP supporters have shored up to the chief minister. Some have even pledged to donate more than what was asked by the party.

Vianz Low wrote, “The people will always back up the true hero. I will support you through actions and I will donate tomorrow. Watch it BN goons, this is what we call donation from the rakyat.”

Kent Hew commented, “Guan Eng, we can help and donate to you more than the sum that was used to buy that bungalow. May justice is with you and all Malaysians who hate corruptions!”



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