Puspakom reminds e-hailing drivers to get their vehicles checked early

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – April 12, 2019: Puspakom has advised e-hailing drivers to send their cars for inspection early and not wait until the 11th hour and risk not being able to meet the July 12 deadline to comply to a set of regulations.

Among the regulations is that e-hailing operators who are using vehicles that are more than three years old have to go through inspection with Puspakom for safety reasons.

Puspakom Sdn Bhd is the national vehicle inspection company appointed by the government to undertake all mandatory inspections for both commercial and private vehicles.

 Its chief executive officer Shukor Ismail said Puspakom is capable of handling all e-hailing vehicle inspections before the deadline.

“We have talked with all relevant stakeholders including Grab, the largest e-hailing operator in Malaysia and have informed them of our readiness.

“A total of 19 Puspakom inspection centres will be opened seven days a week while 10 more for 6-days a week. The centres will even extend their operations by an additional two hours to cater for the e-hailing community.

“We’ve also agreed to deploy our mobile inspection services, where Puspakom’s vehicle inspectors could go to the vehicle’s location to be inspected,” said Shukor.

Puspakom has 56 permanent inspection centres, as well as a fleet of mobile inspection units and over 30 vehicle inspection visiting sites.

Other regulations that the e-hailing industry are imposed with are

  • Starting April 1, eHailing drivers must apply for the PSV licence at driving institutes that are approved by the Road Transport Department.
  • Drivers have to undergo a six-hour training session at driving centres and pay up to RM200 for the PSV licence.
  • They must get initial and annual vehicle checks at Puspakom
  • Pass criminal background and medical checks
  • Contribute to Socso
  • Purchase a eHailing add-on car insurance
  • Equip their cars with safety equipment including fire extinguishers.

The estimated cost to complete all the requirements is about RM800 and it has been reported that e-hailing companies are predicting up to 50 per cent of the drivers quitting due to the hassle.

Grab Drivers Malaysia Association president Arif Asyraf Ali had told The Star two days ago that consumers can expect the average fare to hike up due to the lack of drivers.



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