Providing Internet, TV, radio access for one million interior folks

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CAMERON HIGHLANDS, Oct 30 2017 : The ‘Connecting The Unconnected’ (CTU) programme of the Communications and Multimedia Ministry was launched after it was found that one million residents in the interior are still without access to internet, television and radio.

Ministry Infrastructure and Application Division secretary, Daud Ismail said without telecommunications services, the people in the interior especially Orang Asli would continue to be left behind in development

“The situation will hamper government efforts to achieve development comprehensively whereby the people were targeted to live in relative prosperity and fairly regardless of their gender, ethnic group, socio-economic status as well as geographical position.

“Therefor the primary objective of CTU is to provide internet, television and radio access to about one million citizens from 216,000 households living in the interior.”

He was speaking at a CTU programme at Pos Telanok here yesterday which was officiated by Pahang Housing and Municipal Committee chairman Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail.

Daud said the CTU programme also targeted isolated interior areas which were accessible by boat, helicopter, or four-wheel drive and they also lack basic services such as health and community centres.

“Through this programme, the target group under B40 will enjoy access to online services, information and new income generating opportunities,” he said.

Wan Rosdy in a media conference later said CTU programme should be continued in future as it could benefit rural residents in terms of communication and information technology.

About 1,000 villagers attended the programme in the village field with various activities. Some 154 village heads were presented with items such as television sets and Astro Njoi decoders. – Bernama



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