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Zaidi Azmi
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KUALA LUMPUR – November 16, 2017: Pribumi Bersatu has admitted that it should not have changed the name of its youth wing from Pemuda to Armada, pending approval from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) .

Party secretary-general Datuk Dr. Shahruddin Md. Salleh, who made the admission in a statement today, said that   Pribumi Bersatu will call its youth wing Pemuda.

RoS had previously warned the party that it could be de-registered if it continued to use the name Armada.

Shahruddin explained that the party leadership had decided on Armada as it was deemed to be better than Pemuda.

“We received numerous feedback from members that the name Pemuda should be changed to something more attractive.

“So we decided to use Armada after the party had its general assembly on November 2 last year,” read his statement.

The unlawful use of the name Armada is not the only issue that could result in RoS de-registering Pribumi Bersatu.

Last week, RoS director-general Surayati Ibrahim said the party also needed to resolve issues concerning a proposed amendment to its constitution and its failure to hold annual meetings at all levels.

“The problem was compounded by the fact that Pribumi Bersatu had yet to conduct its AGM since it was registered a year ago and this is a violation under its own constitution and the Societies Act,”  she said.

Yesterday, Pribumi Bersatu chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad attributed poor organisational structure as the cause of the party’s failure to hold the meetings.

“To have an AGM, we need to have meetings at the branch and division levels but although there are many members, they haven’t organised meetings yet.

“Even some divisions are not properly organised yet, so we can’t determine who will attend the AGM if we hold one,” said Mahathir at a press conference.



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