Pribumi Bersatu not surprised by temporary deregistration

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – April 5, 2018: After being informed by the Registrar of Societies that it is being temporarily deregistered, Pribumi Bersatu points out that it believes the decision had been pre-determined.

According to the party’s information chief Datuk Kamarudin Md. Nor, Pribumi Bersatu felt that the decision was connected with the expectation that parliament would be dissolved tomorrow to pave way for the 14th general elections.

“We expected this all along. Whether or not we submitted the documents they requested was of no consequence.

“Now that they have disbanded us, my guess is that parliament will be dissolved tomorrow. It’s simple, they just don’t want us to contest in the elections,” said Kamarudin.

The RoS, however, made clear that the deregistration was temporary and could be reversed.

The decision announced today by RoS Director-General Surayati Ibrahim, who stated that Pribumi Bersatu had failed to submit all the documents requested by February 28. The party is given another 30 days from today to do so or risk permanent deregistration.

The party was earlier given 30 days to submit minutes of its branch and divisional meetings as well as the financial statements.

Pribumi Bersatu last Friday claimed that it had done so and was confident it had complied with the requirements of the RoS.

In a letter to the secretary-general of Pribumi Bersatu, Surayati explained that aside from the above mentioned documents, the party had failed to submit some documents previously not mentioned in the news reports.

The other information and documents are the registered address of Pribumi Bersatu’s office, four copies of documents regarding amendments to the party constitution and three copies of personal information details of all office bearers at the branches, divisions and headquarters.

The decision to deregister was made under Section 14 (5) of the Societies Act which allows the registrar to make a provisional order for the dissolution of a society in the event that it fails to provide the required particulars.



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