PR1MA answers “reckless allegations” by property consultants

KUALA LUMPUR – Dec 16, 2015: Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) had refuted claims by property consultants that its projects have been “a total failure”, describing the claims as “reckless allegations”.

In an official statement issued to the Malay Mail Online, PR1MA referred to an article published earlier by the news portal and disproved the claims that “it fails to deliver homes at the right price, in the right places”.

PR1MA stressed that it is empowered to plan, develop, build and maintain its developments throughout the country, and that it focuses on delivering “more than just brick and mortar”.

The corporation pointed out that it recognises the demand for market home for middle-income Malaysians, and is aware of affordability in areas where PR1MA is present.

PR1MA further explained that it even takes on demand analysis, using ‘location preference data’ given by registrants, which number 1.2 million people to date.

“Our product matches the demand at the location of our projects. We cannot stress enough that PR1MA projects to date are in locations where PR1MA homes are in demand by middle-income Malaysians nationwide,” PR1MA added.

The corporation had also rebutted that as for now, its Members of Corporation (MOC) has approved the construction of a total of 232,807 units from 190 projects.

“That is approximately 97 per cent of our three-year mandate of 240,000 units. Of this 67,435 units are already in various stages of construction and 883 units have been delivered,” PR1MA added.

PR1MA further indicated that it needs to maintain the momentum it has achieved in constructing 500,000 homes for the middle-income group. It also stated that so far, PR1MA had reached significant milestone and will continue to attain its next benchmark.

The corporation added that it has recorded considerable progress despite of being newly established. Additionally, PR1MA regarded that it will remain mindful that there is plenty to be completed to ensure it achieves its mandate.

Following the criticisms by the panelists of PropertyGuru’s Property Market Outlook 2016 on Monday, PR1MA had expressed its dismay as the consultants presented “grossly inaccurate figures and reckless allegations”.

The forum panellists, REI Group of Companies CEO Dr Daniel Gambero, Property magazine publisher KK Chua, Andaman Property Management managing director Datuk Dr Vincent Tiew, and CEO of property agency PPC International Siva Shanker, had all been reported as giving pejorative comments towards the people’s housing program.

Among others, a panellist commented that PR1MA has started to see the growing difficulty in attaining funds to buy land and construct affordable housing units, thus, has changed the nature of its joint venture with private developers.

The issue had also drawn the attention of several bloggers. Prominent journalist blogger Datuk Ahirudin Atan in a blog posting today expressed concerned over the act of condemning PR1MA by the “property gurus”, and even by other bloggers.

“So now some ‘merajuk’ (sulking) bloggers are aiming their guns on PR1MA, in the hope that people will believe that what the prime minister is trying to do, really, is to steal money from the people and not to build them homes.

“This time, though, they are getting some help from an incredibly obscure Italian property consultant, who somehow thinks he can come into this country and declare a massive socio-economic project like PR1MA a “total failure” three years after its inception.

“And guess who is happy that this consultant is shooting his mouth like he’d had too much grappa? People who stand to lose out from the PR1MA initiative, of course. Plus one or two bloggers and, this one I can’t explain, the publisher of a local property magazine!” the blogger wrote.

Meanwhile, another prominent blogger Syed Akbar Ali who blogs at “Outsyed the Box” had posted a critical review of PR1MA last night following the article published by Malay Mail Online.

Syed Akbar however took down his posting entitled “Apa Nawaitu Sebalik Penipuan Projek PR1MA” (What is the intention behind the scam of PR1MA project), earlier this morning after PR1MA issued its reply to the article in the news portal.



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