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Police given documents linking Soros to Bersih

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KUALA LUMPUR — November 1, 2016: The Malaysian Malay Network Organisation (JMM) today handed over to the police a 24-page secret document, believed to be containing evidence suggesting the involvement of a local businessman and George Soros in funding the Bersih movement.

According to JMM president Datuk Azwanddin Hamzah, the donation channeled to Bersih was made via the Open Society Foundation (OSF) led by Soros.

“This is a solid and valid evidence, not crafted. Therefore we ask the police to investigate the businessman and to take action against him because this is treason.

“They have malicious intent and work together to topple the government and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib  Razak,” Azwanddin told reporters after lodging a report with and handing over the document to Dang Wangi police.

Azwanddin confirmed that the document mentions the amount of money received by the movement.

“The document also involves communications between the two, how to execute their plan and what kind of funds is to be channelled into the country.

“Bersih is seen trying to topple the government through its rallies. This should be viewed seriously and has to be blocked,” he said, adding that the businessman is now a board member of OSF, the foundation set up by Soros in 1993.

Azwanddin said JMM obtained the document domestically and from abroad.

In addition, JMM will submit a memorandum to the Inland Revenue Board tomorrow, urging the agency to probe several opposition leaders, including those in Bersih.

Yesterday, local media reported that a foreign movement helmed by Soros was funding several local organisations in its bid to strategise on winning the upcoming general election.

Bersih is a movement that calls for electoral reforms in Malaysia. — Bernama



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