Police denies issuing robbery alert in Shah Alam


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

SHAH ALAM – February 17, 2017: Shah Alam police has denied issuing an alert to warn the public of a gang of robbers preying on  motorists in the Selangor capital.

The fake alert was widely circulated in WhatsApp groups, asking the people to be mindful of their safety if their parked car was hit by another with passengers comprising a group of four to five Indians.

“We have never issued any statement on this and we don’t know how it (the fake alert) had gone viral. Whatever it is, it’s fake,” confirmed a Shah Alam police spokeperson to The Mole.

He nonetheless, reminded road users, especially those here, to avoid parking their vehicles at secluded areas as there are indeed worries that they may fall victim to robbery gangs as mentioned in the fake alert.



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