PLUS officially launches Malaysia’s first solar EV charging station

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MELAKA — Dec. 13, 2018: Highway operator PLUS today officially launched the country’s first solar electric vehicle (EV) charging station that has been operational since last May and which can be used for free.

This fist station is located at the southbound Ayer Keroh rest and recreation area. The plan is to build five more by early 2020.

The station which costs RM450,000 was built in collaboration with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation through the global environment facility.

The others stations are being planned for the Pagoh R&R (southbound), Tapah (southbound), Dengkil (southbound), Gunung Semanggol (northbound) and Seremban (northbound), said PLUS managing director Datuk Azman Ismail.

Ayer Keroh was selected as the first location as it is a main route for most users of EVs and plug-in hybrids.

“Besides, most of the existing EV charging stations are in the Klang Valley and this initiative will enable the EV and plug-in hybrid users to charge their vehicles while using other facilities at the Ayer Keroh overhead bridge area,” said Azman.

GreenTech Malaysia’s acting chief executive officer Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa said EV user need an hour to 90 minutes to fully charge their vehicles to last for about 490 kilometres. — Bernama




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