PKR Wanita vice-chief quits party over mass sacking and suspension

Voon Shiak Ni

Written by TheMole

KUCHING — May 6, 2020: The PKR Wanita national vice-chief Voon Shiak Ni today announced her resignation from the party, citing the mass sackings and suspensions of party members.

The state’s Wanita chief Nurhanim Mokshen has also resigned after learning that she will be suspended, with her deputy Catherine Jok taking over.

Voon has not ruled out the possibility of joining or setting up a new party to serve Sarawak.

“There is no doubt that Sarawak PKR has earned the people’s trust and confidence under the good leadership of their many selfless credible leaders and the tireless commitment of the land and civil rights lawyers fighting for the rights and plight for victims of the oppressed and aggrieved,” she said.

But she sees that things have changed beyond comprehension in the last two years and the sacking of members like See Chee How and Baru Bian is not helping the party to hold on to the good image.



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