PKR plays down PAS divisions’ motion to cut ties


KUALA LUMPUR – March 20, 2017: Penang PKR maintains that it is not perturbed by the decision of two PAS  divisions to cut ties with  over the weekend.

This is because a decision like this by convention is decided at the highest level of a party.

“I think PAS has its own situation, which doesn’t involve PKR. The motion is just one internal process,” said PKR Youth deputy chief Dr. Afif Bahardin, who is also a Penang executive councillor. Afif was referring to a motion that was adopted by the Permatang Pauh and Bayan Lepas PAS divisions yesterday to ask the party to sever ties with PKR.

“Whatever motion they have, we leave it to PAS to decide at its muktamar (general assembly) next month.

“Anyhow, we will remain committed to work with anyone who subscribes to the reform agenda and common framework that we’re working for to fight against Umno and Barisan Nasional in the next general election,” declared Afif.

The two divisions had cited PKR’s relationship with DAP and Amanah as the main reason for adopting the motion.

They also claim that PKR had asked PAS members in Penang to quit the party to open the way for them to hold certain positions in the state government.

This was denied by Afif.

PAS syura council chief Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed said the leadership will probe the allegation by the two divisions.

Mahfodz made clear that the party will warn the divisions if delegates at the assembly decide to take matters into their own hands.

“A division can only propose and adopt a motion and each will be evaluated by a special committee before it is brought to the assembly.”



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