PKR factions at each other’s throat over PD move

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – September 13, 2018: The ongoing drama in PKR has taken a twist, shifting from the power play between hopefuls vying to be the party number two to an outcry over the move to bolster its number one’s political clout.

While critics within the party insist that the move dubbed the PD Move was done without the knowledge of some of PKR top brass, those backing it retort that some were oblivious about it simply because they had been skipping meetings.

The manoeuvre to have a by-election in Port Dickson is solely to return president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to parliament en route to his promised premiership by having Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah to vacate his seat.

“PKR’s political bureau had discussed and agreed but when some irresponsible leaders did not attend meetings, you cannot expect (those who attend) to be consulted personally,” said former Kapar MP G. Manivanan.

Manivanan, who is known to be in the inner circle of vice-president Rafizi Ramli, decided to react to the criticism from Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin.

In a statement yesterday Zuraida reminded the “narrow-minded engineer of the move” that every decision affecting PKR must be made by consensus.

“If the decision-making was not done openly, transparently and democratically, it will result in confusion…. it is as if PKR had been manipulated,” she said.

During the announcement on Danyal vacating his seat yesterday, Rafizi said Anwar had given his go-ahead during a political bureau meeting on Tuesday night.

However, a Youth leader who is supporting Rafizi’s rival, deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, insisted that making a decision after a meeting with the political bureau was not the party’s standard operating procedure.

The PD Move, said the Youth leader who anonymously, did not go through either the central executive council or PKR congress.

“The plan was done in secrecy and they just bulldozed their way right to Anwar’s ears. Anwar did not even attend the meeting as he was in Hong Kong,” he added.

The narrative on certain quarters in PKR being left in the lurch has been recurring in the tirades of several party leaders who have been implicitly needling Rafizi over his supposedly deluded antics.

For example, vice-president Tian Chua, who claimed to know nothing about any by-election plan for Anwar, tweeted that certain factions had been turning the party into a secret society.

The harshest vitriol so far was from central executive committee member Latheefa Koya’s Facebook wall which was directed at Anwar instead of Rafizi or his camp.

“Why did you decide without going through party mechanism? Why did you plan secretively? Why didn’t you even inform your top leadership? And why did you let your boy run around, fighting with anyone who is in his way? What reformation and democracy are you talking about?” read Latheefa’s post.




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