Pakatan must come clean on US ties


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

PETALING JAYA – August 7, 2018: Instead of merely denying their alleged collusion with foreign organisations, leaders of Pakatan Harapan are being asked to take the lead and call for the claim to be investigated.

This is the view of Raggie Jessie, the leader of watchdog movement Malaysiaku Tanahairku, following Pakatan’s response to reports on the cooperation between the International Republican Institute (IRI), an American state funded organisation, and Malaysian opposition leaders for the past 16 years.

The Washington-based IRI made headline yesterday after a two-minute video of its president Daniel Twinning confessing that the organisation had assisted Pakatan in toppling the Barisan Nasional government went viral.

Jessie demanded Pakatan to show the same determination in demanding an investigation into Twinning’s statement as when they did over the letter sent by Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation chief Datuk Hasanah Abdul Hamid to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) before the general elections on May 9.

“PH said she (Hasanah) had committed treason against the country. This (Twinning’s statement) is the same thing,” said Jessie at a press conference after lodging a police report here today.

“It’s even worse because they have been colluding to cripple BN for years,” he added.

He also claimed that the IRI-PH collusion could be constituted as an indirect war against the King.

When pointed out that Malaysia doesn’t have laws against political funding, Jessie retorted that Twinning’s revelation was beyond mere monetary aid.

“This is beyond funding. This is basically them (IRI) declaring that they have assisted PH to destabilise the BN government.”

The IRI is heavily linked to senior Republicans, intelligence officers and former military officers.



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