Local Amanah leader wants Pakatan to stop blaming BN

Dr Muhaimin Sulam

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IPOH, Dec 15 2018 : Leaders of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) including Parti Amanah  Negara (Amanah) should stop pointing fingers at the previous government over their weaknesses, said Pasir Salak Amanah chairman Dr Muhaimin Sulam.

He said the government should instead put forward constructive policies and approaches to convince the people without giving them false hopes.

“Pasir Salak Amanah feels that we have been too obsessed with the excitement of overthrowing the giant and dinosaur that had ruled for 60 years, and we are still harping on their wrong doings and weaknesses.

“We are now into our sixth month, so we need to show that as the government now we are capable of solving the problems left by the previous administration,” he said when tabling the motion on the economy at the 2018 Amanah Convention here today.

He also proposed that a constructive and long-term economic growth approach be adopted by the PH leadership.

“The cabinet ministers and government officials must encourage this economic growth approach so that the people are convinced that the government are with them in building a new nation,” he said.

Earlier, during the debate on the presidential address a representative from Kedah, Ridzwan Abu Bakar reminded Amanah to listen to the voices of the people as they had enabled the party to become a part of the government through the PH coalition.

He said the leaders especially, should always be with the people as they could determine their rise and fall. – Bernama



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