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Petronas releases “Donut ke Karipap?” for Raya


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KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 2017 : Petronas has released a new webfilm titled Donut ke Karipap? (Donuts or Currypuffs?), in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

The film was previewed at the launch of the signature Petronas Coffee Break Campaign, brought back for Aidilfitri 2017, and runs from June 22 to 23 and from July 1 to 2.

The 256-second film follows the five young characters from Petronas’ previous productions for 2017 Chinese New Year and Gawai & Kaamatan festivals as they now face the trials and discover the virtue of the fasting month of Ramadan that makes the Aidilfitri celebrations more meaningful.

Donut ke Karipap? encapsulates the values of patience, kindness, sacrifice and togetherness — in line with the spirit of Aidilfitri and Petronas’ longstanding commitment in bringing Malaysians closer through its festive campaigns.

Petronas’ senior general manager of group strategic communications, Zahariah Abd Rahman said: “Petronas is proud to present another warm Malaysian story that we hope will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone, much like some of our previous productions.

“Through our festive campaigns, we will continue to invite all Malaysians to remain rooted to our common values, traditions and culture, and to continuously reflect on these important threads that bind us together as Malaysians and as a nation,” she added.

Viewers can log on to Petronas’ official brand channel at to view the film starting from 21 June onwards. A 60-second television commercial version will also be aired from 21 to 30 June 2017.

Petronas Coffee Break Campaign, as part of Petronas’ road safety initiative during festive seasons, offers over 700,000 cups of freshly brewed hot coffee and snacks as well as health screening at participating Petronas stations nationwide. A 20-point safety check on Proton cars will also be provided during the campaign period, courtesy of Proton.

For more information on Petronas Coffee Break and the locations of participating Petronas stations, log on to – Bernama



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