Petronas PFLNG Dua to begin commercial operations in a year

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GEOJE (South Korea) — Dec. 2, 2019: The Petronas PFLNG Dua designed to extract gas from deepwater gas reservoirs in depths up to 1,500 metres is expected to start commercial operations in November next year 2020.

The plan is for the vessel to sail from here to Malaysia in February, after which it will start up in July.

PFLNG Dua will be moored over the Rotan gas field in waters at a depth of 1,300 metres located 140 kilometres offshore Kota Kinabalu, with a capacity to produce 1.5 million tonnes of LNG per annum. 

It will be in Rotan for at least 15 or 16 years in view of the number of ongoing explorations in nearby areas.

If there are smaller fields around Rotan that are economically viable, it makes more sense to tie it back to the floater rather than relocating it, said CEO Abang Yusuf Abang Puteh.

The first floater, PFLNG Satu, is based at the Kebabangan gas field, 90km offshore Kota Kinabalu, and has the capacity to extract gas from reservoirs of up to 200 metres.

To-date, Petronas has delivered more than 10,000 LNG cargoes from its global portfolio of facilities in Malaysia, Australia and Egypt. Canada will be next. 



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