Petition to stop Finas from governing music industry

Shaira Idris
Written by Shaira Idris

KUALA LUMPUR – June 27, 2020: A Malaysian record label owner has launched a petition to reject a proposal for the local music industry to be governed by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas).

The petition was initiated by Prashan Chitty, executive producer and founder of Paranormal Records Sdn Bhd, who believes that Finas is not fit to nurture the music industry.

“Considering Finas itself has done little for those under it, specifically TV and film — there is no belief that they will be able to handle the music industry, which differs in many ways and is a totally different creature altogether,” Prashan told The Mole.

The petition also calls for the appointment of “active practitioners” to lead a governing body of the music industry.

“We have no confidence in the current administration of Finas, including those who were once supervisors of the music industry but have not brought any positive impact,” said Prashan.

“Our industry requires sincere representation and a high degree of vision and competitiveness, not only to help develop the industry further but to also provide us with the opportunity to expand our horizons,” he added.

Award-winning Malaysian rapper, who goes by the stage moniker, Altimet promoted the petition and tweeted: 

“Finas is a joke. They can’t even manage the artists in the film industry, and now they have the nerve to consider governing the music industry. Please sign this petition if you agree.”

Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi retweeted the petition and wrote: “I rarely pass petitions, but if you are a musician, singer, busker, producer, anyone and anything to do with Malaysia’s music industry, PLEASE SIGN THIS! We need to be heard NOW!”

According to Prashan, the proposal to place the music industry under Finas was mooted by the Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah during a meeting with several record label executives last Tuesday.

“He (the Minister) mentioned in the discussion about the consideration on whether or not the governing body should be a stand-alone or with Finas…

“But yesterday, we received the news that Finas was inviting closed door discussions with music industry practitioners to formulate a move to have us parked under them.

“We are afraid that this move could be successful, hence the petition to stop it before it happens,” he said.

When contacted by The Mole, a spokesperson of the Communications and Multimedia Ministry said a decision has yet to be made on this matter.



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