Ex-PAS Youth leader wants party to remain in Pakatan

Nikita Nawawi
Written by Nikita Nawawi

KUALA LUMPUR – June 3, 2015: Ousted Pas Youth leader Suhaizan Kaiat wants the party to remain in the tripartite Pakatan Rakyat grouping despite the party’s differences with fellow partners the DAP and PKR.

Although he wants PAS to be committed to its core struggles which include the implementation of hudud, Suhaizan says that PAS will not do well in the general election without the help of its Pakatan partners.

His statement however was made at yesterday’s opening of the Youth assembly in Shah Alam and the results of today’s Youth election show that the ulama wing has gained better control of the wing and that most delegates rejected Suhaizan’s position.

Suhaizan was defeated by Nik Abduh Nik Aziz for the post of Youth head while the latter’s running mate Khalil, the son of PAS leader Datuk Seri Hadi Awang, also won the deputy leader’s post. Both are with the ulama faction.

Suhaizan also said that PAS should strive to keep Pakatan together unless it wants to experience overwhelming defeat in the general election as it did in 1986 when the party only managed to clinch one Parliamentary seat out of 98 contested.

Suhaizan is known to be a member of the so-called progressive faction which is friendlier to PAS allies the DAP and PKR. It was reported that his speech received relatively cold response from delegates despite his declaration of support for Hadi.

At one point, Suhaizan was even booed and rained with cynical laughter by delegates while explaining that he has the authority under the party’s tahaluf siyasi (cooperation with allies) to hold discussion with DAP leaders, who have been critical of Hadi’s leadership and implementation of hudud.

Pakatan’s supporters in cyberspace did not miss the opportunity to put in their two cents worth on the statement b y Suhaizan.

Isana wrote thus: “PAS and the ulama leadership are too arrogant to realise this. Only when the next general election results are known will they realise too late the folly of supporting Hadi and gang.

“By then Kelantan will fall to Barisan Nasional and Hadi and his hudud will become the darkest part of PAS history.”

Jay Tan is also of the opinion that PAS would get nowhere without Pakatan: “Well said Suhaizan. PAS will be doomed if gets out of Pakatan.

“Never has PAS won so many parliamentary seats. Non Muslims have so much respect for PAS….. please do not destroy that respect.”

Kuripuni Taumarunui on the other hand asked Suhaizan to quit PAS.

“He should join DAP or PKR because he has contributed more to these parties than to PAS in the last two years.”




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