Pas supporters irked by Husam’s intention to join Amanah

KUALA LUMPUR – June 14, 2016: Former Pas vice-president Datuk Husam Musa, who was once a rising star in the party before his recent expulsion from it was derided by Pas supporters after he expressed his interest in joining Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah).

To top it off, he had campaigned for Amanah’s Kuala Kangsar’s by-election candidate Ahmad Termizi Ramli.

On Sunday, Husam in his speech in Kota Lama Kanan, Kuala Kangsar said, he has not declared his plan to join Amanah, but his “heart is in it”.

The former Pas vice-president, who is also Salor assemblyman had said he believes Ahmad Termizi could shock the public by winning the Kuala Kangsar by-election.

Scores of netizens, who are mainly Pas supporters appeared to be perplexed by Husam’s actions and had taken it out to Facebook to express their annoyance.

Hairul Suffian Hamsah wrote, “This is the same Husam who had once said that he would be with Pas even after he was expelled from the party.

“He is rather indifferent towards the party causes and struggles, and had just proved to us that he is merely a dire politician,” Hairul added.

Azali Atan commented, “Alright Husam, you can just get lost and join Amanah! But, don’t expect to get appointed to any important post in the new party.”

Achai Semana chided, “We can no longer trust Husam and his funny face. In fact, I bet not everyone in Amanah would trust him.

“He should have just quit and repent,” the netizen wrote.

“His actions were erratic,” anonymous Facebooker Taming Sari Ke Xi wrote, “I guess he has always been inconsistent in Pas. Perhaps that’s just the way he is.”

Khairil Hisham Nk commented, “He went around campaigning for Amanah, so, it’s obvious that he will eventually join the party.

“Yet, he still has the guts to say that he is considering in doing so. This is completely confounding,” Khairil added.

Ezad Faez, questioning Husam’s actions had commented, “You had continuously make us all wonder… What exactly are you fighting for, Husam?

“Have you forgotten all of things you said when you were still in favour of Pas?” Ezad added.

“If that’s what you (Husam) wish for, then go ahead. We don’t need someone as illogical as you,” Hida Saffiya Hidayah wrote.

On May 6, Pas disciplinary committee had expelled Husam from the party for breaching its constitution.

The committee had unanimously decided to sack him effective April 23.



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