Pas reps to stay in Selangor government

PAS information chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi

PAS information chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi

KUALA LUMPUR – May 17, 2017: Pas has decided to hold firm to its position to not pull out from the Selangor government, after it officially severed ties with PKR last week.

This, despite PKR yesterday deciding to direct its members holding positions in the Pas-led Kelantan government to resign.

Pas information chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi told The Mole today that the party will not call for the three Pas executive councillors in Selangor to resign despite aggravated pressure by its detractors over the week.

The trio are Selangor party commissioner Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad, his deputy Datuk Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi and state party treasurer Zaidy Abdul Talib. 

“There is no need for them to step down from their current positions. The situation is stable there, with no sort of pressure or directive from Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. So, why should we be so chaotic?” Nasruddin, when contacted said. 

Yesterday, the party stated that it will discuss their fate after Azmin returns from an official trip to Brussels, Belgium. 

Pas’ detractors, including leaders of Amanah and DAP have pressured the party to follow the move by PKR by pulling its representatives out of the Selangor government

Commenting on it, Nasruddin said the three Pas representatives are only fulfilling their responsibilities by serving the people of Selangor who had given them the mandate during the last general election. 

“Their stay on the position is not for the party’s political mileage as claimed by many. They are only serving the community there until their term ends,” he added.



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