Pas progressive faction bids farewell

Nikita Nawawi
Written by Nikita Nawawi

KUALA SELANGOR – June 6, 2015: Leaders of the Pas progressive faction who lost in the concluded party polls bade farewell in contrasting style during their closing speech at the party annual general assembly (muktamar), here today.

While some appeared calm or even cheerful, there were those who expressed sadness and was tearful.

The progressive faction was humbled by their ulama rivals, losing almost all posts which were contested.

Coming to term with their defeat in front of nearly 2,000 Pas delegates, they wished the new leadership the best of luck and guaranteed their continuing support for the party.

Outgoing deputy president Mohamad Sabu took the chance to convince the delegates that Pas’  Pakatan Rakyat allies, particularly DAP, is not the real enemy of the party.

“Do not worry about DAP as it is just a small party. We can always elbow and karate them if it comes down to it,” he quipped.

“As for myself, I will survive as we tend to grow stronger when we are alone,” he said.

Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu also announced his resignation as Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang director as a reaction to the motion tabled by the Dewan Ulama to severe ties with DAP.

Known for his colourful speeches, Mohamad bade farewell to the delegates by belting an improvised popular Malay ballad before ending his speech.

Outgoing central working committee (CWC) member Mohamed Hanipa Maidin broke down in tears as he reminisce his experience serving the party.

“I have many sweet memories and many types of experience as the party’s Legal and Human Rights committee (Luham) chief.

“I joined Pas when I was still in school and in 1986, I remember being apprehended by my headmaster after I sneaked out of school to hear the then Pas president’s speech. My scholarship was even revoked,” he sobbed.

Outgoing vice-president Salahuddin Ayub also took his last chance on the muktamar stage by sharing his ups and downs serving the party.

“I have been in the party for so long, maybe now I am considered a Nokia in a sea of iPhones,” he said.

Another outgoing vice-president, Datuk Mahfuz Omar put up a cheerful appearance while saying goodbye to the delegates.

He even got a rousing cheers from members of the media when he thanked them for their positive coverage of himself and also the party.

“I love you all,” he said repeatedly to everyone in the hall at the end of his speech.



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