PAS grassroots support ulama but want to remain in Pakatan

Nikita Nawawi
Written by Nikita Nawawi

KUALA SELANGOR – June 5, 2015: The newly elected PAS leadership consisting almost entirely of the ulama faction appears to have won over grassroot party members.

Those interviewed at the party’s muktamar (annual assembly) here today declared their undivided support for the leadership following two days of election.

Tepoh (Terengganu) delegate Awang Yaacob is relieved the party is finally on its way back to its Islamic roots.

“To be led by the ulama leadership has been our struggle all along and it is our duty to support them as it is stated in the holy Quran and hadis.

“I also hope members of the so-called progressive faction who were defeated would continue to support party president Datuk Seri Abdul  Hadi Awang.”

Responding to Hadi’s announcement yesterday that PAS will continue its tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation) with DAP and PKR despite being constantly ridiculed by them, Awang said he prefers to let this decision to be made by the newly elected leaders.

“The goal of the alliance is to bring down the country’s current government and PAS has never put its commitment towards the coalition on hold.

“However, if DAP and PKR cannot support our struggle as a party, do not expect us to follow them,” said the party member of 51 years.

Bangi delegate Zulhilmi Abdul Rahman, 31, told The Mole that the issue of ulama versus progressive factions should not be a major concern.

“PAS needs the best team that can propel the party forward, one that understands the party’s struggle and Hadi needs a team he can trust.

“The delegates have spoken and I have no problem with the new line-up.”

Zulhilmi, however, backs the Dewan Ulama motion to sever the party’s alliance with the DAP while maintaining the cooperation with PKR.

Labuan delegate Jefri Tahir said the party needs a leadership that is efficient, regardless the faction.

He shares Awang’s opinion that PAS should stick with its Pakatan partners.



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