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ALOR SETAR, April 30 2017 : As expected, the 63rd Pas annual general assembly (Muktamar) today unanimously passed a motion to sever political cooperation (tahaluf siyasi) with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The proposal tabled by Pas Dewan Ulama representative Zulkifli Ismail received overwhelming approval from the more than 1,000 delegates present on the second day of assembly after party permanent chairman Hussein Ismail put it to vote.

The delegates shouted “agree” three times to demonstrate their feelings on the issue.

In tabling the motion, Zulkifli boldly accused PKR of being a disloyal political partner who had stabbed Pas in the back several times.

“Today, we are faced with an ally who created a dangerous secular and social wave. PKR is a partner who has stabbed Islam in the back and violated our cooperation conditions many times,” he said.

However, the final decision on the matter will be decided by Pas Syura Council chaired by spiritual leader Hashim Jasin. The Syura Council is the highest decision making body in Pas.

The delegates also approved three motions and rejected one, to empower the party after debating them at the assembly today.

The three proposals were an international motion tabled by Pas central committee member on the fate of the Palestinians who are being oppressed by the Zionist regime and the second, on the security issue regarding religious and racial sensitivitees tabled by a Pas Youth representative.

The third proposal on breaking political collaboration with PKR tabled by a Pas Dewan Ulama representative was unanimously passed by the delegates.

The motion on empowering the party to interview all candidates before being selected to their respective posts by Bukit Katil Pas was rejected.

Pas secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said if the proposal was accepted, it would be violating the party’s constitution. – Bernama



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