Pakistan plane crash kills at least 76 people

The plane went down in a residential area a few kilometres short of Karachi airport.

Written by TheMole

MAY 23, 2020: A Pakistan International Airline Airbus plane crashed near Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport yesterday afternoon on a flight from the northern city of Lahore, killing at least 76 people. Another news report put the death toll at 80 but there have been two survivors so far from amongst the 99 people on board.

The A320 went down about three kilometres short of the airport into a residential area, destroying some homes, on its second attempt to land. It was not immediately know how many of the dead were from the flight or among those on the ground.

The pilot aborted his first attempt to land when the undercarriage failed to open. Just before he made the second attempt, the pilot told the control tower that he had lost both engines and was later heard to say “mayday, mayday, mayday”. That was the last contact the plane had with the tower.

The flight with 91 passengers and eight crew was a special one arranged for the Hari Raya celebrations.



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