Pakatan supporters frustrated over Sabah leaders’ exit

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KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 5, 2016: Scores of Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters have expressed their frustration with the coalition after several Sabah PKR and DAP leaders resigned and quit the parties on Sunday.

They described those party leaders as being deceitful who had jumped ship for their own interest, without putting their supporters in Sabah as priority.

For them, the leaders’ exit will severely affect the opposition’s chances in the next general election. Many have taken it out on Facebook to express their frustration.

Three were among the PKR and DAP leaders who quit their parties on Sunday.

Those who quit PKR include the State party chief and Klias assemblyman Datuk Lajim Ukin, state secretary Datuk Maijol Mahap,  State Women chief Johair Matlani, and Moyog assemblyman Terrence Siambun.

Lajim was quoted as saying that he would form a new local party.

Their resignations came after the exit of state PKR vice-president and Penampang parliamentarian Darell Leiking, who had vowed to join the new party by former Umno vice-president, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal.

Seven state DAP leaders who quit the party over the weekend were its deputy chairman Joan Goh, vice-chairman George Hiew, as well as secretary and Likas assemblyman Junz Wong.

They however have yet to disclose their next course of action.

Commenting on the leaders’ exit, Kenny Ng wrote: “It is common for Sabah politicians to ‘stab’ their own party. This political stunt happened since the days of Joseph Pairin Kitingan (former Sabah chief minister). These leaders should fight for the people first before ‘jumping’ (to another party) for their own benefit.”

Harold Fernandez commented: “All must have been paid well to jump ship, no morals but pretend to have morals. Money seems to be their priority. The politicians are the most untrustworthy of all scumbags.”

Allen Tong from Sabah chided: “It is all back to square one for the oppositions. There’ll be no difference for us (supporters) now. All they do in Sabah is jump from one party to another. This would just give our opponents (BN) the opportunity to win.”

Nevertheless, some have supported the move of the former PH leaders.

Stanley K H Lim wrote: “We should not make negative comments if the PKR and DAP leaders decided to quit, or join Shafie, as long as they are opposing the Barisan Nasional (BN). We have to look at the big picture which is to defeat BN in the next general election.”

Daniel Liew commented: “I think Sabahans are more convinced with local Sabah party fighting for them. Perhaps Sarawak PKR and DAP should do the same; quit and form a local based opposition party.”

Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak, who is from Sabah also commented that the ‘exodus’ signified PKR and DAP failure in the state.

Salleh said that the resignations are evidence of both parties’ “inadequacy in the state.”

“It’s clear in the decisions made by the PKR and DAP representatives that something is not right with these parties in Sabah,” he added.

Meanwhile, The Mole found that Sabah DAP had formed a new line up of leaders following the resignations.

DAP’s Sri Tanjong assemblyman Chan Foong Hin on his official Facebook account had posted: “New line up for DAP Sabah after the small storm in the cup. Thanks for the support and I would take up the challenge as the new DAP Sabah Secretary (replacing former secretary Junz Wong). Storm would make the tree’s root deeper!”

Chan when contacted said the party was open to negotiations with Shafie’s new party for a strategy to allow straight fights against BN in the next general election, but on the condition that it got to keep all the seats it won it the last election.

“We are not trying to belittle the local parties, but there should be some mutual respect. Give back the seats we won to us. Junz and his people are welcome to strengthen their new party, but please don’t try to take what we worked so hard on all this while. And don’t try to sweet talk others into leaving,” he added.

The new line-up includes the appointment of former Sabah chairman Jimmy Wong as advisor, Kepayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi as deputy chairman replacing Joan, Frankie Poon as vice-president replacing George, and Ronnie Loh replacing David Williams as treasurer.



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