Over 50 per cent voter turnout in Cameron Highlands by noon

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TANAH RATA, Jan 26 2019 : Voting for the Cameron Highlands by-election began at 8 am with the process expected to end in stages from 1 pm to 5.30 pm depending on the voting districts.

The highland electorate that encompasses two state assembly seats within – Tanah Rata and Jelai – has 31,639 eligible voters. The Election Commission (EC) has set 86 voting streams to speed up the voting process.

The four candidates vying for the Parliament seat are Pahang DAP Deputy Chairman M.Manogaran who is representing Pakatan Harapan (PH); former senior police officer Ramli Mohd Nor standing on Barisan Nasional (BN) ticket ; and two Independents Sallehudin Ab Talib, a former lecturer with Institut Aminuddin Baki Sallehudin and an American educated local farmer Wong Seng Yee.

The by-election is being held following the Election Court’s nullification of the victory of Datuk C.Sivarraajh of BN in the 14th General Election (GE14) due to vote buying.

The following are the developments relating to the voting process for Cameron Highlands by-election;

8.15 – Though the temperature was at 15 degrees Celsius in Brinchang, Tanah Rata dan Ringlet, voters had started queuing up at the polling centres as early as 7.30 am. Voters were also seen queuing up as early as 7.30am at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjong Gahai, some 100 kilometres away, where Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdi Wan Ismail is expected to cast his vote.

8.20 – Bulk of the early voters appear to be the elderly and wheelchair bound, among them wheel chair bound Thai Pik Chun, 85 and his daughter Thai Yam Fon, 57 who voted at SJK (C) Bertam Valley.

8.20 – Independent Sallehudin Ab Talib votes at stream no 2 at SK Sungai Koyan

8.25 – Independent Wong Seng Yee votes at SJK(C) Bertam Valley.

8.50 – Pahang MB Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail and wife Datin Seri Burhah Mohammed arrive at SK Tanjung Gahai, Lipis and vote in the first stream.
“I m ready to cooperate with any of the candidates who win to develop Cameron Highlands,” he said to the reporters waiting there

8.55 – Tan Sri M. Kayveas arrives at SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah to cast his vote.

9.00 – EC Chairman Azhar Azizan Harun visits the polling centre at SK Kampung Raja.

9.30 – The sunny day is drawing more voters to the polling centre at SK Tanjung Gahai in Lipis and Sungai Koyan. Many will want to avoid the afternoon heat.

10.05 – Good voter turnout seen at SJK(C) Bertam Valley, with clear skies and the temperature rising to 19 degress Celsius. EC says 15 percent of the 31,639 voters have voted by 9 am.

10.15 – Lee Siam Cheng, 97, among the oldest to vote in SJK(C) Bertam Valley.

10.30 – A group of Orang Asli were seen leaving after voting at SK Tanjung Gahai.

10.50 – Supporters of PH and BN were seen gathering 50 meters away from SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah complete with their party flags and colours.

– Pahang Police Chief Datuk Mohd. Zakaria Ahmad takes a look at the voting process of the Cameron Highlands by-election at SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah.

11.00 – About 33 percent of the 31,639 voters have voted within the first two hours as at 10 am according to EC. An early indication for a good voter turnout in this by-election.

11.35 – EC Chairman Azhar Azizan Harun visits the polling centre at SJK (T) Ringlet.

11.45 – The voter turnout has reached 47 percent within three hours as at 11 am, according to EC. The turnout numbers appear impressive and there is a very good possibility of achieving the 70 percent voter turnout.

12.00 – Voter turnout at SJK (C) Bertam Valley seem to be dwindling, unlike the hectic pace seen in the morning.

12.30 – The traffic around Tanah Rata appears to be smooth flowing now, no congestion like ancticipated earlier.

12.30 – Voter turnout stands at 55 percent at 12 noon according to EC, an impressive figure within four hours. – Bernama



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