Opposition supporters upset PH & Pribumi Bersatu out of sync

KUALA LUMPUR – March 2, 2017: The failure of Pribumi Bersatu to send representatives to the electoral seat allocation meeting with Pakatan Harapan on Tuesday has prompted many to conclude that the opposition parties are still very much out of sync.

Comments in cyberspace on what happened at the meeting indicated that even supporters of the opposition were confused by what appeared to be discord between the leaders.

Some even believe a power struggle is in play.

The meeting at Parti Amanah Negara was intended for the parties to list out the seats they wanted to contest in the next general election.

PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution said later that Pribumi Bersatu was absent because it had yet to complete its study on the seat allocation.

However, Pribumi Bersatu deputy president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir reasoned that the party wanted all sides to first outline the basic principles on the allocation before concluding the list.

The conflicting statements by Saifuddin and Mukhriz did not go down well with opposition supporters who think that this will affect the opposition’s chances in winning the next general election.

Omar Khan comments that it is unfortunate for both PH and Pribumi Bersatu to utter conflicting reasonings on the matter.

“They should have chosen one leader to oversee the coordination of all parties. I’m afraid this electoral cooperation will not last until the general election should the power struggle continue.”

Amir Laobi agrees. “If they continue to make themselves look foolish and contradict each other, one of the parties will end up as a snake in the grass. How are they going to win if this happens?”

Kenshiro Wong concurs, adding that the opposition parties appeared to remain self-centred.

Teng Meng Kim wants the opposition parties to be “in sync” and decide on the seats allocation promptly.

“Bersatu is a new party, but, it has scores of former Umno members who can fight against Umno candidates in the latter’s strongholds. Pakatan already has its roots on suburban and urban seats. They should have come up with these solutions. Please, just work together,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Rosdi Ali, who appears to be against the opposition parties, reiterates that the problem arises due to a power struggle among their leadership.

Pro-establishment political commentator Lim Sian See further criticises the inconsistent reasoning of the electoral pact.

“What a rubbish party (Pribumi Bersatu) and rubbish coalition (PH). PKR says Pribumi did not turn up because Mukhriz told them they were not ready. Now, Pribumi gives a bullshit reason saying that the top leadership has yet to outline the basic principles for negotiations. Better give excuse that your (Pribumi) dog ate your homework.”

Attempts by The Mole to get comments on the criticisms from PH and Pribumi Bersatu leaders today were unsuccessful.



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