Opposition leaders criticise Budget 2012

KUALA LUMPUR – Blogger Jebat Must Die raised a interesting point with regards to the opposition’s reaction  to the Budget 2012 today.


He highlighted what Eric Choo said on Twitter (on the reactions of Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters):  “On 1 hand, they say it’s a copycat budget. On the other, they condemn it like it’s the worst sin committed. Are they slapping themselves? (sic)


In conclusion JMD said, “there you go. Pakatan chasing its own tail trying to justify their relevance and existence vis-a-viz this Budget.”


On his blog, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang had posted a media statement made by DAP National Publicity Secretary and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua who said the budget failed to live up to Najib’s reform plan.


“The Government is planning a 4.7 per cent deficit for 2012, a figure which doesn’t give hope that the 2.5 per cent deficit target promised by Najib can be met by 2015,” the statement reads.


Interestingly the first two commenters on the posting chose to look at it from a racial angle.


The comments on Kit Siang's blogThe comments on Kit Siang’s blogThe first comment reads:

“A very disappointing budget indeed!

The main bulk of the benefits go to the civil servants and pensioners. There’s nothing for those in the private sectors. What a big letdown!

It’s indeed an election budget out to get mostly the Malay votes!”


The second that followed reads:

“An election budget indeed, to ensure that one race is taken care of. The rest of you can stew in hot soup…

Bukit Bendera MP, Liew Chin Tong had tweeted earlier that the budget is a proof that Barisan Nasional copied the ideas of Pakatan.


However, in of his later tweets, Liew said the budget is a budget to raise election funds for Umno.


Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was widely reported as saying that the budget had copied Pakatan’s alternative budget which he tabled during a press conference at one of the parliament’s conference room on Tuesday.




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