Only two militants still undergoing rehabilitation

Yazid, who was arrested in 2001, is one of two militants the Prisons Department says is still undergoing rehabilitation.

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KUALA LUMPUR — January 26, 2016: The Prisons Department maintains that it has successfully rehabilitated 160 of 162 inmates involved in militant activities.

The two who are still undergoing rehabilitation are hardcore militants Yazid Sufaat, a member of Jemaah Islamiyah who was arrested in 2001, and Abdul Murad Sudin, a trader from Teluk Intan, who was detained in 2002 because of his involvement in Kumpulan Militan Malaysia.

Director of Management of Prisoners Datuk Jamaludin Saad had this to say today of the two: “They used to be leaders (of their respective groups). That is why their thinking has been crystalised by militant ideologies.”

Jamaluddin presented a paper on ‘Malaysia’s Experience on Deradicalisation and Rehabilitation’ at the International Conference on Deradicalisation and Countering Violence Extremism 2016 here.

A special rehabilitation programme has been tailor-made to neutralise these two to reintegrate them into the community.

Jamaludin said the department segregates hardcore inmates from light radical inmates to prevent them from sharing their twisted beliefs.

Putting them together in one rehabilitation centre would make vulnerable the deradicalisation process.

Malaysia has built nine rehabilitation centres throughout the country for detained militants, including the Kamunting Rehabilitation Centre. — Bernama



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