Only a day old and TnG’s application is under fire

Touch 'n Go

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR — March 23, 2018: The Touch ‘n Go official application was rolled out only yesterday but in less than 24 hours has left many users disappointed and angry.

The application promises  convenience of topping up TnG cards from mobile phones but that apparently is not the case.

A peek into the application’s ratings and comment section at Google Play’s application store shows that the application has been receiving incessant complaints and bad ratings from consumers.

It does not seem to fare better among Iphone users as well, receiving only a mere 1.9 out of 5 in the Apple application store.

Here are a few of the complaints:

“Why would you launch something that does not help with your main product, the TnG card. Why can’t I just reload on the go?” asked Facebooker Meor Naim .

“This is just plain dumb from whoever is managing TnG,” he added.

Another Facebooker by the name of Dan Ne questioned the need for TnG to build new infrastructure just to facilitate fund transfer between an application and TnG card.

“Why would I want to go find a stupid kiosk when there are so many petrol stations around? Extra trouble to top up,” he wrote, referring to the complicated and unfriendly process to top up the card using the application.

The real process of topping up a TnG card via mobile:

Taken from TnG’s own explanation at its website and from a lowyat posting, this is what a person has to go through to reload using the application:

First, users have to register even if they already have an online TnG account because apparently the account registered in TnG’s website cannot be used by the application.

Secondly, they will have to top up some cash into the application itself, which functions like a mobile wallet. The process is easy and straightforward, provided a user has either a debit or credit card.

Third, this is where it becomes complicated… the user will then have to transfer money from the mobile application to the TnG card via its serial number. But it does not end there. A user will then have to go to a location with a ‘pick-up device’ to complete the transfer.

The TnG website states that the pick up device (PUD) is a terminal that is used to complete the transfer of balance from the TnG App to TnG card which are installed at various locations.

When contacted the TnG’s customer service said there is only one PUD terminal in the whole country and that is at its Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Bangsar South.

An officer there told Hanif of SoyaCincau that the method of mobile TnG reloads is still in the Beta phase, so there are some kinks to be worked out.

The officer also informed Hanif that they were working on removing the need to authenticate at a PUD location. Instead, TnG is in the process of setting the system so that it will immediately authenticate and transfer the money when users tap their cards at any TnG terminal  such as those at LRT stations and toll booths.



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