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IPOH, Oct 27 2018 : The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) election in Perak proceeded smoothly without any untoward incidents today even though there were numerous complaints by eligible members.

In Ipoh Barat division, a senior citizen was unhappy after arriving at a voting centre in hotel here at 9am and was told voting would only commence at 10am.

The man who was determined to be the first voter, finally went home without voting.

In Tapah many voters complained about the long wait after receiving their turn to vote online at Dewan Serbaguna Al-Mukmin, Kampung Batu 3 Jalan Pahang.

A  voter identified as Ibrahim, 60, from Tapah town said many voters came as early as 8am and have to wait under the hot sun just to cast the vote.  

“As a senior citizen I cannot stand that too long, yet I waited one hour before being allowed to vote,” he said and hoped all weaknesses would be addressed.

Meanwhile a voter identified as Ina, 41, of Kampung Air Kuning said she was tired from the heat as she could only vote at 12.15pm after queueing since 9.30am.  

Another voter identified as Suhana, 34, of Temoh hoped the secretariat would prepare facilities for voters while waiting for their turn especially mothers who took their children with them.

In Bagan Serai, division head candidate Sharif Sarjono called on the Party Election Committee (JPP) to allow candidate representatives to assist as some voting centres were only opened at 10.30am.

“If there are no enough staff, we can assist JPP. But JPP did not allow,” he said and hoped the weaknesses would be solved in future.

In this regard, Tambun division candidate, Muhamad Arafat Varisai Mahamad sent his application to JPP to extend the  voting time for his division.

He said the matter needed the attention of JPP as many members of Tambun divisions were working today and time extension was to enable them to vote.

“We have sent the application to JPP secretariat to extend voting to 6pm,” he told reporters. – Bernama



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