Number of Penang, Kedah flood victims increases

Rescuers evacuating residents of Jalan P. Ramlee in Penang yesterday.

Rescuers evacuating residents of Jalan P. Ramlee in Penang yesterday.

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GEORGE TOWN, Nov 6 2017 : The number of flood victims in five districts in Penang continues to rise with 5,845 recorded this morning, compared to 3,779 last night.

They are currently sheltered at 62 evacuation centres.

Seberang Perai Utara district recorded the highest number with 3,371, who are staying at 30 centres, followed by Seberang Perai Tengah district with 2,119, who are staying at 27 centres.

A police flood operations room spokesman said more areas were inundated last night following heavy rain and high tide necessitating more residents to evacuate.

The affected areas in Seberang Perai Utara are Sungai dua, Nyior Sebatang, Lahar Yooi and Desa Murni while those in Seberang Perai Tengah are Kampung Tanjung Putus and Permatang Tinggi.

 Thirty-three people are sheltered at one centre in Seberang Perai Selatan district; 130, at two centres in Barat Daya district; and 192, at two centres in Timur Laut district.

Meanwhile, Royal Malaysia Police, Civil Defence Force, and Fire and Rescue Department personnel were up and about since 6 am to assist Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) students get to their schools for the respective examinations. 

Almost the whole of Penang is flooded, with several areas inundated by 0.2 to one metre of water as a result of heavy rain and strong winds since Thursday.    

The flood, reported to be the worst that the state had ever experienced, claimed seven lives so far.

Meanwhile in Alor Star, it was reported that the number of flood victims in Kedah has risen to 3,402 as at 7 am this morning, compared to  2,721 at 8 pm, last night.

State Civil Defence director Lt Col Mohd Zul Khairi Shamsuddin said the affected residents comprised 938 families, who are being sheltered at 40 evacuation centres in Kuala Muda, Yan, Kulim, Bandar Baharu and Baling.

Kuala Muda has opened 19 centres – at the Kampung Bongkok surau (60 people), Dewan Kampung Tengah Padang Temusu (70), Dewan Steang Wam Kowang (23), Kampung Padang Tok Sora surau (72), Dewan Kampung Bukit Belah Batu Dua (19), Dewan Kampung Lebai Ali (171), and Dewan Taman Bedong Jaya (72).

Others are at the Taman Malinja surau (50), Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Permatang Gedong (79), Dewan Kampung Segantang Garam (38), Kampung Kilang Makau (40), Kampung Haji Ngah surau (8), Kampung Jawa surau (155), Dewan Kampung Baru (25), and Dewan Kampung Bujang (86).

Another three are at Dewan Kampung Sungai Pial (171), Kampung Jilid 4/5 surau (70), Dewan Taman Setia Budi (61) and Kampung Lebai Ali surau (298).

Four centres are operating in Yan, at Tadika Kemas  Kampung  Perigi  (18), Kampung Teroi Bukit surau (89), Kampung Lubok Boi surau (69), and Kampung Kepala Bukit surau (75).

In Kulim, 15 centres are operating at Dewan Masjid Al-Muqtadin (149), Dewan Taman Saga (40), SK Taman Selasih (150), Surau Al-Haq (30), Surau Taman Kancil (114), Dewan KEDA Naga (62), Dewan Masjid Sungai Limau (37), SK Permatang Tok Dik (563), and SK Sungai Seluang (95).

Others are Tadika Kemas Padang Limau (199), Surau Al-Ikhlas Karangan (231), SK Sungai Karangan (14), Surau Al-Husna (26), Masjid Selarong Panjang (32), and Kampung Baru Jemerli surau (20).

Meanwhile, one centre has been opened in Bandar Baharu, at Dewan Sungai Batu (25) and one in Baling, at Masjid Kuala Bakong (114). – Bernama




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