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LA LUMPUR, March 9 2017 : The North Korean government has assured that all the 11 Malaysian nationals in Pyongyang are safe and free to carry out their normal routine, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

However, he said, the Malaysian nationals were still not allowed to leave the country.

“We will deal with the DPRK (North Korean) government to try and find a solution to the conflict brewing without making any decision that could worsen the tension.

“I also believe that they too wish for a settlement,” he said in a telephone conversation with counsellor Mohd Nor Azrin Md Zain at the Malaysian Embassy in Pyongyang, from the Prime Ministr’s office in the Parliament, here today.

He said Malaysia also extended a similar security safety to North Koreans who are in this country.

In his approximately two-minute conversation, the Prime Minister asked how he was getting on and reminded him to continue to be strong and resolute.

“All of us, the government and people of Malaysia always pray for the wellbeing of Encik Azrin and family. Hopefully everyone will be safe,” he said.

Najib added that all mosques throughout the country had been instructed to hold ‘hajat’ prayers so that the conflict could be resolved.

Mohd Nor Azrin, his wife, Iza Karmila Ramli and their three children ; Annur Zulaikha, Aynur Zhafirah and Ayscha Zinnirah are among 11 Malaysian nationals who are in North Korea.

Meanwhile, Najib in his twitter entry today confirmed that two more Malaysian nationals, Stella Lim and Nyanaprakash Muniandy who were participating in a World Food Programme (WFP) under the United Nations (UN) had been allowed to leave Pyongyang and had now arrived in Beijing. – Bernama



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