No more Rela members with stipends next month


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – August 2, 2018: Topsy-turvy aptly describes the decision of the higher-ups in the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) on the fate of their lower-ranking members.

While it was initially made known that all Rela members stationed at its community centres will be retrenched next month, the corps had, later this evening, issued a statement saying otherwise.

News of the retrenchment surfaced earlier this morning after a screen-grab of Rela’s termination of services notice to all members working at its community centres had gone viral on social media.

The letter dated July 30 stated that the retrenchment order – which was agreed by the corps’ upper management at a meeting on July 17 – would be effective next month.

However, those members who still wanted to voluntarily work at the centres without any payment or allowance can do so, read the letter signed by operations director Mohamad Razib Buhaini.

However a statement issued at 7pm explained that the retrenchment will only affect 294 members who were tasked with security patrols in residential areas within the vicinity of the centres.

Oddly, this was a fact not stated in the viral notice that had misled the public into thinking all Rela members paid a stipend would be retrenched on September 1.

“These patrols are only a temporary programme introduced in January 2017. The termination was decided after the corps re-evaluated its requirements and Rela’s financial position,” read the statement.

Rela has 2.9 million.



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