NGO calls for a stop to evangelical atheism

The Chairperson of Macsa, Azril Mohd Amin

The Chairperson of Macsa, Azril Mohd Amin

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – November 30, 2017: The Malaysian Alliance of Civil Society Organisations (Macsa) today condemns what it terms as evangelical atheism, which it maintains is an affront to the country’s Constitution.

“An atheist can be an atheist privately, and there is nothing in atheism that requires him or her to be otherwise. What the Atheist Republic movement appears to have adopted, however, is evangelical atheism,” the non-governmental organisation says in a statement, in reference to a movement which is promoting atheism in the country.

“Evangelical atheism should be exposed for what it is: as assault on the culture, traditions, and cohesion of Malaysian society, and worse off, an affront to the Constitution.

“They demand the right to preach against the theistic belief that runs through every religious community in Malaysia.

 “If one wishes to reject belief in god privately, he or she is free to do so but when one begins to preach against religion in a country like Malaysia, what they are rejecting is not just belief in god but rather the entire diverse cultural foundation of the country

“In a country like Malaysia, where all religious faiths coexist and are respected, the Atheist Republic movement has decided that it should be free to malign and dishonour these faiths in the name of freedom of expression.”

Masca chairman Azril Mohd. Amin said in the statement that Atheist Republic has a subversive agenda.

“There is no doubt the movement would very much like to be suppressed by the state so they can claim that their rights are being denied and so they can rally the support of liberals around the world to demonise the government.

“Atheism has not been made illegal. What they want is the freedom to denigrate the beliefs of everyone else.

“A minority group should be given accommodations to ensure they are protected from prejudice, and everyone would agree about that. However, they should not be accommodated to such an extent that their own prejudice against the majority should be protected,” said Azril.



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