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New JAIS mobile app under fire

The recently launched "Hotline Jais" mobile app.

KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 6, 2016: The mobile app “Hotline Jais” by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAISs) has come under much criticism just two days after it was launched.

Many consider the app to be ridiculous as it is only focuses on battling syariah crimes, while neglecting what they say are more serious problems faced by Malaysian Muslims.

Netizens have taken to Facebook to launch their offensive.

According to a report by Star Online, the department launched the app to allow people to easily report crimes that breach syariah laws.

JAIS director Datuk Haris Kasim was quoted as saying that the app is also intended to make the department more accessible to the public.

“Once installed on a smartphone, people can send over information and make reports to us very easily,” he said.

“We just want to be more accessible. We are doing our best to reduce and eventually eradicate activities that are wrong. Through this app we hope people who intend to do wrong will think twice. Once a complaint is submitted via the app, we can immediately deploy a team to the location,” added Haris.

The app is available for Android devices at Google Play store.

In response, Facebooker Abdul Razak wrote to say the “hotline” is simply a waste of time and effort.

“It is a joke. I bet you the app doesn’t cover cases of corruption, abuse of power and injustice. All they have in mind is to solve “khalwat” (close proximity) and what not. They (Jais) are the deviationists themselves!”

Hairul Hasmoni commented that JAIS should instead provide an app that can be used as a medium to help find the poor and the needy, an app that can help single mothers and others.

Della Robert Sirau thinks that the app will be misused by people, especially those with bad intentions. Hasn’t JAIS thought of this?”

Masayu Mohtaram is apprehensive if JAIS can solve cases via the app when it has failed to do so the normal way till now.

Others demand clarification from JAIS.

Mathana Mohan wants more details on the app, like what crime or offence can be reported. Significantly, can non-Muslims do so?

Deep wants to know if JAIS can differentiate a genuine complaint from a false one to ensure that the innocent is not unfairly targetted.

The Mole contacted the agency’s enforcement division but was informed that the officers responsible for the app were unavailable to provide a clarification.



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