Netizens want police to act against datuk in road rage case

The victim, who was identified as Nasrul Faiz Zulfahmi suffers serious injuries at his head and upper torso.

KUALA LUMPUR – Jan 20, 2017: After the incident was widely shared in cyberspace, netizens are happy that police is taking action against the driver and bodyguards of a datuk involved in a road rage incident.

However, they also want action to be taken against the datuk.

The incident, which reportedly took place last Saturday at the Athenaeum Peak condominium in Gombak, was captured on video.

The two-minute video shows a lorry driver beaten by the bodyguards and driver after he had allegedly backed into a Mercedes-Benz, said to belong to the datuk.

The victim, identified as Nasrul Faiz Zulfahmi, was said to has suffered serious injuries to his head and upper torso.

Facebooker Rika Kaisara, who claimed to be the victim’s close friend, shared a picture of Nasrul but refused to share any details or to comment on the condition of the victim.

Following this, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today instructed Ampang police to arrest all perpetrators but insisted that the datuk was not involved.

“Don’t try to link the attack to others. The VIP (very important person) was not involved in the attack. Only the driver (of the Mercedes),” said Khalid, adding that action will be taken although the victim and attackers had agreed to settle the matter.

Bernama reports that a man believed to be connected to the incident has been detained.

Khalid has advised those involved to go to the Ampang police station. Otherwise the police will turn up at their doorstep.

Here’s what netizens have to say:

“If the datuk was inside the car while his bodyguards were beating up the guy, then he should have asked his bodyguard to stop. If he did not, then he obviously agreed with the brutality,” wrote Facebooker Tongteck Lim.

“Please take immediate actions against all of them, including the datuk and throw them in jail,” commented Sultan Rashid.

Wee Hwee Wang quipped that the police must have been “too gullible” to think that the datuk was not involved in the brawl.

“It is his car and his ‘macai’ (servants) who did the beating to please him. Probably a blink of an eye needs to start the kicking frenzy or to stop the attack (which did not happen).”

David Ng thinks that leaving the datuk scot-free will only strengthen the narrative that the rich and mighty in Malaysia are above the law.

“Let’s stop the culture in this country where these people are being accorded scot-free status and only their instructed subordinates are punished, while sometimes given only a slap on the wrist.

“If the authorities are serious in doing their job, then the leader should receive the heaviest punishment and not only the workers, otherwise, don’t expect the public to trust the authorities and feel safe,” he added.

And should the police decide to take action against the datuk, Philip Andrew Quah insisted that he should be dealt with heavier penalty.

“At least a few strokes of the ‘rotan’ for the assault. And maybe revoke his title too. Such a disgrace to the people,” he wrote.

The road rage had also led to some imploring relevant authorities to thoroughly screen potential ceremonial award receivers to prevent the titles from being bequeathed to the wrong people.

“If the assailant was indeed a datuk, one just cannot imagine what happen to the status of datuks nowadays. It is time that candidates for honorary and ceremonial awards be scrutinised from all aspects,” wrote Dominic Kurin.

The video of the brawl which was widely circulated in local cyberspace.

Additional reporting by Zaidi Azmi.



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