Netizens slam celebrity for caning his child

Shaira Idris
Written by Shaira Idris

KUALA LUMPUR – April 30, 2019: Malaysian cosmetics celebrity entrepreneur Datuk Sri Aliff Syukri has been mired in a controversy after caning his nine-year-old daughter for taking off her hijab.

Recently Aliff posted a video on Instagram of his daughter Qadejah seemingly crying in pain while he applies some medication on her afflicted back.

Aliff Syukri

In his caption, he wrote: “I’m sorry Cess (referring to Qadejah). I love you so much, but I’m doing all of this for your future. Today I had to cane you because I wanted you to understand the importance of a woman’s modesty.

Qadejah has a habit of occasionally removing her hijab in front of male strangers. Maybe she doesn’t understand because she is still young, but I have to educate her so she will know her limits and cover her aurat,” he added.

Aliff’s post, which went viral, sparked an outpouring of angry responses from netizens who found themselves repulsed by his behavior.

“This is no way to teach a young 9-year-old daughter about the values, virtues and dignity of a woman. No way!,” Izanna Salleh remarked.

“On top of that, how could this be recorded for your online audience? Is the hurt caused onto the child used to garner more followers? To entertain the online community? What nonsense has this world come to?,” she added.

“She’s just a child and she probably didn’t know what she was doing. The best thing would have been sitting her down and explaining to her instead of hitting her – not to mention taking a video and posting it up on Instagram was definitely unnecessary,” Joanna Joseph wrote.

“Why are we romanticizing and enabling this so-called “abah nak ajar anak” (father educating child) bull**** when he is clearly inflicting physical, emotional and mental abuse on this poor kid? I can never understand this kind of parenting,” Hanis Fitriah wrote.

In response to this public backlash, Aliff posted another video on Instagram yesterday, where he told his naysayers to mind their own business and stop condemning his parenting style.

Aliff Syukri

“Do I need to wait until my child becomes sexy and scantily-clad for you to tell me I’m an irresponsible father? I know how to take care of my own child. You all should quit being busybodies,” Aliff said.

“I have my own ways in how I educate my children. Sometimes I find it weird when other people meddle in what to do,” he wrote in his caption.

“For your information, my mother was much stricter. She used to hit me with a rubber hose. She would do everything from stamping on me and kicking me – hence why since then, I know how to appreciate the meaning of life,” he added.



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