Netizens see more & more of a messy, fractious opposition

Lim Guan Eng and DS Wan Azizah

KUALA LUMPUR – August 2, 2016: For netizens, the recent squabble among Pakatan Harapan leaders on the abandoned Penang snap polls plan signifies the chaos within the opposition as they look ahead to the next general election.

Some were confused by the reaction of PKR president Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to the claim by DAP’s Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on the actual reason to abandon the plan mooted by Lim.

Last Sunday, Lim announced that that DAP had to abandon the plan as PKR had disagreed with it.

He also claimed that it was proposed for the DAP to give up one of its state seats to PKR and this was considered not feasible by his party.

When asked to comment on this Wan Azizah appeared surprised, adding that the issue was closed after the polls plan itself was abandoned.

Several Facebook users thought that the claims by both leaders were perplexing. More importantly, it showedshow messy the coalition was.

Anonymous political commentator Lim Sian See wrote: “Forever ‘gaduh’ (bickering) and contradicting one another.

“Snap polls is on, ‘gaduh’. Snap polls discussion is off; they’ll bicker some more. So who is the liar this time?” she asked.

Chin Wah Yin sarcastically commented: “They’re the hypocrites, and hypocrites never lie. They just know how to talk. They can do politics but they can never do their job properly.”

Kelvin Chan wrote: “I think the “Five Cs” are missing in PKR. These are ‘Co-operation’, ‘Consultation’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Correction’ and ‘Caring’.”

Daniel Liew commented that Wan Azizah appeared to have been left in the dark on the matter, and said that “Maybe it’s time for you (Wan Azizah) to start evaluating all your members in the party and find out what’s going on.

“Seems like you are in the dark on this issue (or probably been misinformed),” suggested Daniel.

Some have also expressed their doubts about the opposition coalition’s readiness to face the next general election.

Mok Kam Cheong wrote: “Only now I’ve come to realise that you guys (PKR) are so weak in Penang. You are so worried of losing seats in a possible three-cornered fight.

“Please, just buck up as the 14th general election is around the corner,” said Mok.

“With due respect Kak Wan (Wan Azizah), you don’t seem to know what is going on within your party,” Kenny Chung commented.

“Perhaps you may consider passing the baton to your daughter. Careful and thread with caution. This is a realistic problem among opposition parties.”

Shazariah Selamat chided: “Choosing them to lead would spell doom for any state, let alone the country.”

DAP had earlier decided to hold the snap polls to weigh public support for the party and Lim, who is facing corruption charges.

Lim was recently charged with two counts of corruption relating to a conversion of an agricultural zone to a housing zone, and the purchase of land and bungalow at below market price.



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