Netizens link Bersih with video of assault on man

Snippets of the video showing men manhandled a foreigner.

KUALA LUMPUR – Nov 29, 2016: A video showing two men beating a  foreigner has caused an uproar in cyberspace after it went viral.

Netizens have slammed the action of the duo, describing their conduct as absolutely inhumane.

The 50-second video shows one of the men cornering the victim, who is believed to be a foreign worker, and beat him up with what looked like a thick wooden stick.

The other man who is in a yellow t-shirt with the words Bersih 5.0 on it is seen observing the beating.

At the time of writing, more details of the incident are not known.

Social media users immediately blasted the duo, with many linking the beating to the Coalition of Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih).

Facebooker Farah Rodzuan thinks that the men’s action was unacceptable. “No one deserves such brute treatment regardless of his or her race or nationality! Where is your sense of humanity?”

Ross Rossna agrees. “We don’t know what happened before the manhandling, but those two shouldn’t have beaten him (victim) up like that. If he had done wrong, you could just let the authorities act against him.”

Adnan Ujang despises the individual wearing the Bersih shirt. “The Bersih supporter should be ashamed of himself. Is this the value that the organisation (Bersih 2.0) harps on?”

Adam Muzaffar concurs. “Bersih supporters have always described themselves as educated and noble. This man (who wore yellow shirt) did not represent so, in fact, he represents barbarians.”

Shahrom Sazman is of the same mind. “Fellow Malaysians should take some time and reflect. Is this the kind of leaders (Bersih) that you want to hold on to?”

David Joseph, urges the authorities to take action against the perpetrators. “The police must investigate the two (men). We have watched the video and recognised their faces now, but we are certain that these two are not human.”

The Mole tried to contact Bersih for clarification but was unsuccessful.



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