Netizens irritated with Kit Siang’s BN black ops accusation

KUALA LUMPUR – Feb 16, 2017: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has been heavily ridiculed by many in cyberspace after he had accused the Barisan Nasional of a black ops that is causing an implosion in the party.

In his blog post yesterday, Lim accused the ruling coalition, particularly Umno, of trying to orchestrate the collapse of his party by getting more of its leaders and members to quit.

He wrote that this was also done by exploiting the resignations of DAP lawmakers in Malacca last Sunday.

“In the past week, the Umno or BN mainstream media have been fully participated in a black ops campaign against the DAP.

“For instance, news headlines today (Feb 15) — ‘Two more DAP leaders to quit’ and “MCA: Kit Siang and Guan Eng should quit for helping Pas” — fully exploit the untenable reasons given for the defection of one DAP MP and three assemblymen.”

Lim wrote that the politics of fear, hatred and lies against the DAP would not succeed in destroying the party.

His blog however does not go down well with netizens, including some who appear to be supporters of DAP.

They believe that the DAP stalwart should instead initiate a soul-searching within DAP before accusing others of causing its problems.

Political commentator Lim Sian See thinks that it was baffling for Lim to put the blame on others, especially BN.

“You’re blaming BN for everything, when your own party is imploding because of your own fault. Even your party members had resigned because they are disgusted at your lack of integrity and your son’s (DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng) arrogance and incompetence.”

DAP supporter Derrick Chin thinks that the party should evaluate its internal imbroglios before “taking out the knives on others”.

“It would do DAP a whole lot of good if they do some reflection on the reasons why the ‘Malacca Four’ quit. Take some hard lessons from there.”

Loh Khoon Peng agrees, adding that the resignations were driven by infightings in the party. “Why is it always someone’s fault and never yours?” he quipped.

For Azlan Vtecr, Lim’s statement shows the perplexing side of the DAP, as it was contrary to the claims made by the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who claimed that the resigned quartet were unsatisfied over their defeat in the party’s election.

“Come on chairman (Kit Siang), yesterday your son (Guan Eng) said different thing. Today, you want to change story? Why don’t you wait until one week (to tell the new lie)?”

 Seng Kueh comments that blaming others have been the usual trick of DAP leaders.

Nonetheless, most DAP supporters are supporting Lim’s  allegations of a BN’s “black ops.”

Tay Cp thinks the ruling coalition has always been disparaging of the DAP.

“Just ignore what they do and said. Since the time of our first prime minister, DAP is the main target for them to destroy,” he wrote.

Andrew Chan concurs, adding that the resignations of DAP elected representatives in Malacca had nothing to do with the party leadership.

“The people know who’s behind all these defections, shame on those ‘frogs’ (the resigned quartet),” he added.

Kelvin Phang comments that BN was to be blamed for offering “bran” (bribe) to the former DAP lawmakers.

Meanwhile, despite speculations on their resignation, one of the four lawmakers who quit DAP,  Bachang assemblyman Lim Jak Wong today reiterated that their decision was not made hastily.



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