Najib’s FAQs win over many bloggers but a few still doubt

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Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – May 28, 2015: Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s latest reply to  criticisms by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has drawn comments from many quarters including prominent bloggers, some of whom described it as a correct move by the prime minister.

Najib’s latest blog posting late yesterday was described by some bloggers as a well-written reply to Mahathir.

Jailani Harun, who blogs at ‘Just Read!’, praises Najib’s effort as he considers Najib to have every right to answer his critics.

“Doesn’t matter if the answer comes a ‘little bit too late’ (after his image is tarnished) as long as it provides some remedy to those who have sickened their own heart and brain over administrative issues, i.e 1MDB, Felda etc,” he wrote.

Jailani however insists that he is neither defending Najib nor entirely in agreement with Mahathir.

He stresses that something must be done before the bickering between the two causes the downfall of  Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

Prominent blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan, in his blog, ‘Rocky’s Bru’, welcomes Najib’s response, describing it as “the closest rejoinder one could ever hope”.

Via his posting, ‘The most Eff-ed FAQ ever’, Rocky thinks that Najib will continue to be under siege but should not stop answering his critics in order to prevent the spat with Mahathir from turning into an all-out war.

“By responding directly to his ex-boss each time, Najib will confine the spat to an exchange between them.

“Otherwise, it is the cheerleaders, people on the ringside, the cyber troopers, and the misguided, super gung-ho machais who get to make the most noise,” he comments.

An anonymous blogger who blogs at Dr MiM appears to be also satisfied with Najib’s response.

He says the public should stop making speculations and wait until the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) comes out with its report on 1MDB before making any conclusion on the issue, which is at the core of the spat.

However, while no blogger seems to oppose Najib’s response, there were those who were not pleased with the arguments he presented.

Anonymous blogger Jebat Must Die is of the view that instead of clearing up the mess, Najib continues to mislead the public with his replies.

“We would have thought that he could at least explain what exactly the cash/paper assets/units fiasco is all about since he is also the finance minister and advisor of 1MDB. But he did not.

“In fact, when it is concerning 1MDB, the PM (or maybe his coterie of failed consultants) are desperately spinning the issue further,” writes the blogger.

He also thinks that Najib had misunderstood Mahathir’s question when he said the former had been twisting some facts to make it seemed like 1MDB had suffered a loss of RM42 billion.

“Tun never claimed that there was a RM42 billion loss by 1MDB. He said, and every rational person in Malaysia agrees, that the RM42 billion loans 1MDB took are unaccounted for and some may have been lost. Disappeared. Vanished.

“Surely the Prime Minister must not think that Tun and the rest of fellow Malaysians are too stupid to discern between the words ‘loss’, and ‘unaccounted money lost’?

Syed Akbar Ali, who blogs at ‘OutSyed The Box’ and a relentless critic of the prime minister,  echoed similar sentiments.

In his posting, ‘Klentong Lanun 1Bugis Malaysia‘ (Lies of 1Bugis Malaysia Pirate), Syed says the simplest solution for Najib to clean up 1MDB’s tarnished reputation is to prove the accusers wrong.

To do this, Syed Akbar says there is only the need to show evidence that 1MDB still has the allegedly ‘missing’ RM27 billion.



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