Najib sends lawyer’s letter to Tony Pua

Amongst other things, Tony Pua has to apologise publicly to Najib via two newspapers.

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KUALA LUMPUR — April 11, 2017: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has demanded that Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua apologise and retract defamatory statements which were uploaded at his Facebook page.

Lawyer Datuk Mohd. Hafarizam Harun, who is representing Najib in his personal capacity, said a letter of demand had been served on Pua at 4.45 pm today.

The defamatory statement was uttered and published by Pua on last April 6.

“Our client’s instructions are that the defamatory statement and such similar statements amount to a very serious slander by you and have caused tremendous distress and embarrassment.

“Contrary to your defamatory statement, our client is not a tyrannical and oppressive kleptocrat nor does he shun criticism, neither is he a leader involved in corrupt practices nor a leader who steals the people’s monies.

“Your entirely baseless and false allegations are intended to disparage our client’s high political standing, immense goodwill both locally and internationally. In doing so, you are acting with malice prepense.”

Hafarizam also said that his client also demanded that Pua within seven days from today issue a full an unequivocal written apology to be published in two newspapers, to remove the related video clip immediately and to cease and desist from making further defamatory statements or any such similar statements on his client.

In the event that no satisfactory response is received, Hafarizam is under strict instructions to commence legal proceedings against Pua. — Bernama



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