Najib gives Pakatan’s one year list of failures and lies

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR — May 10, 2019: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has doled out a list of what he categorised as examples of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) poor governance of the country since it came to power a year ago.

It includes PH’s inability to stop the country’s stock market -which recorded the world’s longest bull run prior to last year’s general election (GE14)- from sliding badly to the point of being called the “sole loser” in the global stock market.

“Billions of foreign investment fled our country. Our bursa index that stood at 1,896 points a month before GE14, which was the highest in history, has dropped to 1,620 points. Our stock market has shrinked by RM300 billion since GE14.

“Our national debt has soared rapidly, from RM686 billion at the end 2017 to RM800 billion now. Soon, PH will achieve its dream of having an RM1 trillion national debt,” said Najib in a video on his Facebook page that was recorded in conjunction with PH’s one-year anniversary in Putrajaya.

Najib also needled PH by mentioning Moody’s Investors Services’ latest projection of the