Najib coy on next general elections

najib coy

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WASHINGTON — Sept. 14, 2017: With various possible dates being gossiped, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has yet to give an indication of when the 14th general election will be held.

Queried by a reporter at the end of his three-day working visit here yesterday, Najib laughed and said: “Wait first.”

“You want me to announce something in Washington DC? You got to be kidding,” he responded.

On if he thought the time is right as everything seems to be in his favour, Najib replied: “Is it… you think so?”

“You got less than one year Datuk (Seri),” the reporter pointed out.

“One year is a long time (in politics),” replied Najib, who visited the United States at the invitation of President Donald Trump. Both leaders held talks at the White House on Tuesday.

The mandate of the ruling Barisan National, of which Najib is chairman, will end in June 2018. — Bernama



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