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Najib announces five schemes for veteran soldiers

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SERI KEMBANGAN — July 31, 2017: The prime minister today announced five new schemes for Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) veterans, including annual assistance for non-pensionable veterans and an annuity scheme.

Sharing the good news in front of over 15,000 MAF veterans at the MAF Veterans Assembly to coincide with the launch of the Warriors’ Fund 2017 here, Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the Bantuan Bakti Negara (BBN) aid scheme to be given annually to non-pensionable MAF veterans.

It is an extension of the 1Malaysia Non-Pensionable Veterans Scheme for veterans that was introduced in 2013.

The introduction of the BNN is a new mechanism for the government to assist the low-income and non-pensionable veterans without burdening existing the government’s financial sources.

The conditions for eligibility under the BBN is that they are recipients of the 1Malaysia People’s Aid and are in the B40 group, where RM1,200 is given to 66,000 non-pensionable veterans.

The non-pensionable veterans who do not receive BR1M will receive RM600, on condition that they are above 60 years old. Under this 10,959 non-pensionable veterans will receive the benefit this year.

The second initiative named the Veterans’ Annuity Scheme (SAVe) is to  give a lifelong  monthly income to would-be non-pensionable veterans, like those enjoyed by veterans receiving monthly pensions.

SAVe is a form of social security net that promises financial incentives on a monthly basis through government contributions.

It covers serving MAF personnel, where the initiative enables them to receive the initiative even if they intend to retire early.

The benefit will be extended to the next-of-kin upon the death of the veteran.

The third initiative is an improvement to the Disability Pension Scheme for veterans and former full-time members of the Territorial Army who serve less than 10 years and do not receive a pension as they retire early due to injury or permanent disability while on duty. Among those eligible are veterans who receive a pension of as low as RM65.

The veterans in this category (disability pension) will receive an increase of between 300 and 800 per cent, which makes for a minimum of RM500 and a maximum of RM2,000.

The fourth scheme is the Warriors’ Fund for Disabled Veterans of the MAF Veterans’ Association which gives an additional RM500 to raise the overall incentive to RM1,000 compared with RM500 previously to veterans disabled after retirement. It will be paid twice a year.

The fifth incentive involves an increase in the haj quota for veterans from 100 to 400 people this year.

According to Najib, low-cost housing for veterans and staff who are still serving will be announced in two or three months time. — Bernama




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