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My wife’s business card is fake: Nazri


Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 2017 : Datin Seri Haflin S – that’s the wife of  Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. That name appears on a business card bearing the ministry’s logo with her photo, below which is stated – “Spouse-Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia”.

The card went viral on Facebook and triggered e netizen ire and disgust over what many described as an overt display of nepotism.

This is so wrong, many gasped. You could actually hear this echoing across cyberspace.

Among those who caught Haflin S’ business card was former New Straits Times group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor and former NST managing editor Datuk Nuraina Samad who is now editor of The Mole.

Mustapha, now known to be a prominent critic of the Barisan Nasional government via his Facebook postings was harsh in his comment of the business card when it started to make its round in cyberspace today.

“When a wife or family members interfere in national affairs, it is a sign that the country is heading towards failure (a failed state), ” he wrote.

He asked whether the crest of Malaysia can be used by just anybody as he or she pleases.

 “We’re done for then. Let’s just choose another party. The one now is gampang (damned)”, Mustapha wrote.

The business card also bears the address of the ministry’s office in Putrajaya, along with contact numbers and an email address.

Nuraina posted about it on her  FB and Instagram – “I hope this is a fake card. Because no right-thinking Cabinet Minister would have his wife do this kind of nonsense”.

“Let’s hope this is a joke, a prank. At worst, someone’s idea of getting at Minister Nazri Aziz. Or shaming PM Najib’s administration. Making a mockery of the government.

“Well if this card is legit – then memang gampang,” she wrote.

Several news outlets managed to get Nazri to comment on the veracity of his wife’s controversial business card.

Needless to say, Nazri said that the business card is  fake.

Star Online reported that Nazri denied that his wife Haflin Saiful, has a business card issued by his office.

“She doesn’t work for the ministry. It is fake. There are always people out there who try to get us,” Nazri was quoted as saying.

Nazri said his ministry is not allowed to issue any type of business card to anyone who is not an officer there.

Mustapha then posted Nazri explanation of the matter as reported by a news portal.

“This is Nazri Aziz’s response to the name card issue that went viral this morning. Since I was one of those who posted on the subject, it is only fair for me to now post his response which he made to FMT. Thank you,” Mustapha wrote.



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