Muslims hit back at Ramasamy for calling Zakir Naik “Satan”


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – April 12, 2016: Penang Deputy Chief Minister Dr Palanisamy Ramasamy has earned the ire of thousands of Malaysian Muslims for calling popular India-based religious orator Dr Zakir Naik a “Satan.”

The “online onslaught” against him ensued yesterday after Ramasamy urged, via Facebook, for “peace-loving Malaysians” to lodge police reports against Zakir so that he can be banned from entering the country.

“Let us get “Satan” Zakir Naik out of this country! He is a Muslim preacher and evangelist who has nothing but hatred and contempt for non-Muslims,” wrote Ramasamy.

“He has been banned in Canada and UK (United Kingdom) for his hate lectures. Even some sections of Muslims in India have termed him as a liar, man of half-truth and purveyor of hate.

“Peace-loving Malaysians whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims should lodge nation-wide police reports against Zakir Naik and his son. Hindu/Indian NGOs and individuals should take the lead in making police reports.

“Ask Zakir Naik to go back to India so that he could do all his preaching in India,” wrote Ramasamy.

Not entirely surprising, Ramasamy’s posting did not go down well with many Muslims.

They were still angry even after he had edited his posting to a milder tone and even removed the part where he called Zakir a “Satan”.

“What a coward! He edited his initial posting and remove the ‘Satan’ word,” wrote Ida O’hara Ismail Azman.

“The word that he used to label Dr Zakir is an indirect insult to all Muslim scholars and that instead of Dr Zakir it was Ramasamy that had poke the sensitivity of the entire Muslim community,” wrote Ghaza Ma.

“This fellow (Ramasamy) is the one who we should send back to India. We will see whether he dares to speak like this,” wrote Ahmad Mubarak.

“The reason why Dr Zakir is being hated by many is that there are a lot of religious scholars from other religions, especially Hindu scholars, who had failed to rebut his arguments. Plus, he is even well versed in their scriptures too,” Zie Musa pointed out.

“You know what, we should stop bending down to these kind of people, they are getting overboard with their so-called moderation,” wrote Hamidah Mohd Radin.

“Malaysia is an Islamic country. Why do you (Ramasamy) need to stir things up? If you don’t want to embrace Islam then just shut up and close your ears…is that too much to ask,” was the saucy response from Zaarah Idrus.

Be that as it may, there were also those who supported Ramasamy’s call and deemed that his call was done in spirit of the Federal Constitution.

“Please ban him liken how Canada, UK and Singapore did. He is not promoting unity but discomfort,” wrote Kogilaveny Chillayah Saradamah.

“The best thing about Hinduism is that we do not go around and condemn other faith. We just remain quiet and respect theirs,” she added.

Another supporter of Ramasamy’s call for the ban of Dr Zakir, Jeys Nair, accused Dr Zakir of being a liar and that there were many evidences of him doing so circulated on Youtube.

“Go to Youtbe, type Dr Zakir Naik lies and you will see a lot of proof,” he wrote.

“Share them in your Facebook and make him famous for his lies then the people will realise how the government is wasting our tax money” he added.

Zakir became a hot-topic of contention after his public lecture on the similarities between Hinduism and Islam at Universiti Teknologi Melaka this Sunday was banned by the police yesterday.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar deemed that it can disrupt public order and religious harmony in the country.

However, it was reported that the organisers of the lecture have already made an official appeal for the police to reconsider the ban.



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