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Muslims and Christians condemn Colombia’s satanic temple

Lo and behold, Victor Damian Rozo the 'priest'-founder of 'Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple' in Montenegro, Columbia.

Lo and behold, Victor Damian Rozo the 'priest'-founder of 'Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple' in Montenegro, Columbia.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR, February 5, 2016: As if the world has not had enough of bizarre happenings going on, one man had to take things to the extreme when he literally built a temple dedicated to Lucifer.

The temple, located in Montenegro, Colombia, was officially opened last month and is bedecked with multiple satanic symbols such as an inverted cross and Baphomet sigils and idols.

According to the self-proclaimed priest-owner Victor Damian Rozo, setting up the temple cost him around USD$200,000, an amount he claimed was obtained from multiple sponsors abroad.

Surprisingly, the ‘Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple’ does have a legal status under Columbian laws as the authorities have been able to look into activities being undertaken at the temple.

Rozo denied that his cult was based on Satanism, stating that his object of worship was in fact, Lucifer, the fallen-angel that was expelled from heaven, not Satan.

The story of the temple went viral world-wide over the past few days including in Malaysia.

Most netizen of various religions, especially Muslims and Christians in Malaysia had lambasted Rozo’s “outrageously blasphemous” act of setting up the temple.

“I hoped that our youth won’t get caught into this kind of cult,” wrote Rikson Pakpahan in Facebook.

Another Facebook user Ady Fernando also prayed for such cult and satanic temple trend will not come to the country.

“Let the weirdness ends in Colombia. I don’t want to see any such temple sprouting in the middle of Kuala Lumpur,” he wrote.

Linda Syukrizal wrote that this was one of the many signs hinting the end of times and called for Muslims to protect their faith and worship only Allah and no one else.

“’I’m a Christian and I know that Jesus will be my saviour,” wrote Alexander Mona in her Facebook.

“Let them worship the demon all they want and we’ll see who will be having the last laugh in the afterlife,” she added.

 Christian Cherisha Sharma expressed that, unlike some, she will not worry too much about the temple.

“Because Jesus is coming back soon and will wipe out all the works of the Devil.

“To everyone who thinks that this cult is an offshoot of Christianity, well listen carefully. We will never be a part of this illogical culture and irrational beliefs.

“Because we believe in Jesus and nothing and no power on this earth will come close to his (Jesus) manifestation. Amen,” she wrote on her Facebook wall.

 The bashing of Rozo’s temple was global in the cyberspace.

“Wow there are some people that actually wants to be on the losing side? Devils are afraid of Jesus,” Youtuber Deborah Eveninglight commented on a video of the temple.

Another Youtuber, The Destroyer Star, wrote that he never thought that he would ever see anything “so utterly shocking”.

“This is not even a disgrace, it’s way below the definition of disgrace!” he wrote.

Sarah Craig pointed out that the so-called ‘Luciferian’ or ‘Satan’ worshippers was stupid to think that such fallen-angel or demon truly cared about them.

“They honestly think Satan gives a crap about them? In reality, he’s (Satan) will be the one laughing out loud when all of his worshippers join him in hell,” she wrote.

“I am a proud Muslim and I am disgusted by his (Rozo) act and how he is promoting all these satanic statues and churches,” wrote Kurdish Girl4500.

“Their goal is to wean people away from worshipping the one true God who created this world, the universe,” she wrote.



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